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Is it a Velorution?



In this week’s Sprint Auction we welcome Velorution. Since they opened for business in 2005, the company has been busy supplying stylish bikes, cycle accessories and cycle clothing to London’s cycling fraternity.

Style is key

It is Velorution’s view that how comfortable a cyclist feels in the environment they are in reflects the bicycle they ride, the clothing they wear, and the cycling accessories they buy.

Velorution will continue to provide bikes, unique and new cycling products as well as the very best in stylish cycling apparel in the hope that like Copenhagen and Amsterdam, London and other cities in the UK will continue to adopt a bicycle culture.

Proper investment pays dividends

As has been previously reported in this blog, investing in a quality cycling infrastructure has huge benefits to towns and cities. In much the same way, investing in quality cycling gear is also worthwhile. Why compromise when a bicycle is the best way to get around?

Re-chargeable Light?

In keeping with Going Going Bike’s love of all things green, this week’s Sprint Auction is the Cateye EL-020 Hybrid Light. It allows you to use solar energy to charge your lights all day ready for your journey in the evening. With a powerful 1 watt led and Opticube technology, the Hybrid is as bright as the popular Uno light.

It features an additional standard AA battery for backup, making sure that you stay safe when you need it. Replace your AA battery with a rechargeable NiMH and you have waste free energy efficient lighting. Due to the advanced electronics in the Hybrid light, rechargeable batteries will maintain the same level of light as standard AA’s.

It normally has an RRP of £51 but as ever, we will be starting the bidding at only £5.

What’s the Auction Format?

The format will be the same as usual:

  • The Lot will be an Cateye EL-020
  • The bidding will start at £5 with small increments of £2 and there will be NO reserve price set.
  • The auction will run from 12.30pm until 4.30pm at which point the winner will be contacted and arrangements made for delivery.
  • The auction will take place in the GGB Sprint Auction Store

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