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Oct 032010

Whether you have cash flow issues, cabin fever or a stubborn commitment to being car-free – millions all over the world will be hitting the roads throughout the coming winter and faced with eclectic elements from frost, snow, ice, slush, hail, sleet and sideways wind, sporadically at times or all at once if you live in the UK.

Ice-Biking takes a number of forms, from the recreational ice-biker, the commuting ones and the competitive ice-bikers……..Here we will give you some insight into what you need to safely ice-bike, where to meet other ice-bikers and why you would want to ice-bike!

Why ice-bike? One, handling a bike on snow and ice can become addictive……it takes substantially more skill riding a bike in these conditions and begets much satisfaction. Two, you know those awesome crisp mornings with bright blue sky, crisp, fresh – get the most out of them with a ride around your local countryside with some beautiful scenery, the quiet of the road and the crunch of crisp snow under your tires. Three, save £ & keep fit throughout the winter months and learn to be more in-tune with your cycling capabilities and your bike!

One of the most interesting and cool elements of ice-biking certainly seems to be some of the competitive downhill stuff. Get ready for some serious snowy downhill action, screw those 100+ metal spikes through your tires and on your marks, set, GO! IceBike have some really useful links and information to help you get involved in ice-biking and also a mailing list you can subscribe to if you want to learn more about competitive ice-biking or meet fellow enthusiasts!!

See you up there!

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