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Mar 312014

Our new ‘How To’ episode guide from the guys at Road Cycling UK and the Mpora.com bike network focuses on a very unusual job – how to fit a tubeless tyre on a road bike 

Tubeless tyre technology is a must for mountain bikers but the technology has become increasingly popular with road cyclists.

Jon Hayes talks through the simple steps necessary to fit a tubeless tyre using the Stan’s system, which relies upon an adhesive tape to form an air tlght seal between the spoke holes in the rim and the tyre.

Tubeless technology relies on an air-tight seal between the tyre and wheel rim. A fluid poured into the void that would be occupied by an inner tube on a conventional ‘clincher’ rim seals the tyre in the event of a puncture.

How to fit tubeless tyres to a road bike a Road Cycling video by rcuk

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