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Haulage industry launches cycle code of conduct



The Freight Transport Association (FTA), which represents most of the large and medium sized haulage firms in the UK, has launched a code of conduct for its members on how to safely drive around cyclists.

The approach of the Cycling Code is to identify areas of risk in the shared use of road space by cyclists and commercial heavy goods vehicles with advice for both groups on how to act when both are close to each other on the road. Advice is particularly focused on when lorries turn left at a junction, where most fatalities and collisions take place.

Further development of the code

The FTA has pledged to further improve the code in time. Commitments include:

  • The FTA asking members to provide company-level data about collisions and near misses.
  • The FTA working with a mapping company to develop routeing tools to avoid cyclist hotspots.
  • The FTA continuing to direct members towards the Freight Operator’s Recognition Scheme which provides training for lorry drivers as well as supporting police authorities in developing enforcement and awareness activities such as ‘Exchanging Places”
  • The FTA will also look at asking operators to sponsor the installation of Trixi mirrors and other street furniture, while also advocating vehicle modifications both in and out of a lorry cab to encourage safety. A range of sensors are now available to alert the driver to the presence of pedestrians or cyclists alongside the vehicle. These systems for example can give an audible warning to those people alongside a lorry when a lorry is turning left.
  • A governance group to be established to oversee the future development of the code and further actions needed to deliver the  code’s objectives.


As London has by far the highest proportion of cycle and lorry collisions in the UK, the code was developed by FTA in co-operation with the London Cycle Campaign, the Metropolitan Police, the Institute of Advanced Motorists and Transport for London (TfL). The code has also been endorsed by leading lorry operators including Cemex, Clancy Docwra, Keystone Distribution, Travis Perkins, John Lewis and DHL Trade Team.

The FTA is inviting other operators and cyclists’ organisations to add their support to the Cycling Code and will be working with TfL and other local authorities around the country to promote awareness of the Code across the UK, not just London.

“This Code is the product of co-operation between industry, the Met police and TfL and with the backing of lorry operators, drivers and cyclists we hope it will mark a significant step forward that will ultimately save lives,” said DTA president Stewart Oades.

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