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Apr 062011
Green Oil

Last week we welcomed the extraordinary Green Oil UK to GGB. With their great range of ‘green’ products you can now keep your bike healthy whilst looking after yourself and the environment as well..

The company was born when cyclist and entrepreneur Simon Nash was at Uni. Simon noticed that nearly all the chain lubes he could buy were harmful for the environment. This isn’t great when you are riding your bike through rivers and in the rain and so he created Green Oil.

Containing no palm oil, petrochemicals or Teflon, Green Oil is made of 100% natural ingredients and it works too! We were lucky to get some off Simon when we met him at Core bike show and can vouch that it performs alongside other less ecologically considered products.

One other thing, it is not just his products that are good for the environment. His whole operation is truly green, from the solar panels on his roof to the sustainably sourced ingredients, recycled packaging and bottle deposit scheme.

Perhaps it is time for you to go green(er)!

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