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Govt promises better road signage



UK government transport minister and well known cycling advocate Norman Baker hopes to introduce a raft of policy measures in the next term of parliament that will boost cycling take-up.

Speaking at the Liberal Democrat party conference yesterday, Mr Baker said the coalition government planned to make it easier for local authorities to implement 20mph zones without needing central government approval first.

The changes will allow local authorities more choice in how they indicate 20mph speed limits. These can now be with repeater signs, carriageway roundels or mini-roundabouts.


Campaign groups Living Streets and 20s Plenty have been lobbying the government for some time over making all residential areas 20mph zones for cars in a bid to aid safer environments for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

In June, the EU Committee on Transport and Tourism came out in support for 20mph speed limits in all residential areas.

Cycling signage

Power will also be transferred to local authorities to allow them to erect No Entry Except Cyclists signs without having to go through the bureaucracy of central government first.

Mr Baker will also be putting plans in place for more signs that encourage safer cycling on roads.

As part of an overall traffic signage review, redundant road signage will be removed, while signage that will give alternative routes for cars and lorries to take them away from built up areas or congestion will be introduced.

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