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Feb 272013

As you’ll probably know, we’re always featuring theft stories on Going Going Bike. It is always nice that a stolen bike is returned to the original owner especially when a total stranger makes the effort to find the original owner of the bike.

Interior designer Joe Huddleston had been attending a meeting at his firm’s (Aedas) offices in central Birmingham when he spotted through the office windows that two thieves were using bolt cutters to break the lock on a £2,000 Condor-branded bike.

Without any hesitation, Joe ran out of his meeting to confront the thieves only to find they and the bike were no longer there.

On a hunch, he decided to look for the two thieves around Birmingham’s law courts area and spotted them. They hadn’t gone far from the office as the Condor in question was a fixed gear track bike.

The two idiots had presumably tried to ride the bike but didn’t know how to ride fixed and so didn’t make a quick as getaway as they should have if the bike’s back wheel was a freewheel.

After catching up with the two, Joe told them that he had seen them stealing the bike at which point, unexpectedly, they left the bike with Joe.

Joe’s next problem was however finding the owner of the bike. He could have left it with the Police but being a cyclist himself he knew the owner would come back for the bike after work on that day. So he came up with the idea of putting the bike in his workplace window and asking the owner to claim it.

The owner Becket Bedford duly claimed the bike on the same day after seeing it in the window.

Becket, a public law barrister at Birmingham law courts, told the Birmingham Mail that he thought his bike had gone forever.

“I was shattered at first and thought it had gone. But I looked around and, magically, my bike was in the window of the offices.”

“It is really amazing that someone would put themselves at risk like that to save somebody else’s bike.”

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