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Going Going Bike in the Press


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Going Going Bike has appeared in the following places….

London Cyclist

10 July 2010
“You know when you have one of those great ideas and you think “I can’t believe no one has thought of that”…I searched the internet and came across a holding page for goingoingbike.com – someone had beat me to the punch!”


22 July 2010
“Ebay-style website Going Going Bike is now live, allowing anyone with a PayPal account to list bikes and bike accessories.”

Evening Standard

10 August 2010
Going Going Bike quoted in article on cyclists facing ban on South Bank to protect Walkers

Evening Standard

26 July 2010
“Stop Press…Brand new bike specific auction site www.goinggoingbike.com is the best place to buy and sell”

Daily Candy

18 August 2010
“Snap up your own two-wheeler for a fraction of the price at Going Going Bike — a new eBay-style website where you can bid on new or used bikes.”

Cycling Info

27 July 2010
“It looks good and I like the efforts to deter thieves with the bike certificate of ownership initiative.”

The Footdown

28 July 2010
“Hopefully it’ll really take off and become a decent place to find parts, after all eBay isn’t what it used to be.”


27 July 2010
“Website of the Day – Perfect Pedalling without the pesky, pernicious pedlars.”

London Cycle Chic

23 July 2010
“What a good idea! An (ebay like) auction site dedicated to bikes and bike accessories.”

Daisy Does

21 July 2010
“Whoever came up with this idea must have had a real Dragon’s Den moment. If I was Deborah Meaden I’d want to throw money at it.”


13 July 2010
“The site looks great, its simple and straightforward to list your bike for sale, or search for bikes to buy.”


23 July 2010
“Beating the thieves is also on the agenda for the owners of Going Going Bike, a new online marketplace for all things bike-related”

Goodbye Jacques

22 December 2010

“there is a shining light at the end of the cycle superhighway; an online marketplace [Going Going Bike] with a strict no entry police for thieves.”.

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