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23/05/2011 // INFO 1 Comment

Going Going Bike back revolutionary new titanium bicycle lock


Kickstarter Bike Lock

We have taken our bike security obsession to new heights. We’ve joined hundreds of other bike security fanatics and backed the Ti Gr titanium lock being developed by a cycling enthusiast in the US called John Loughlin.

John was dissatisfied with all other locks on the market and, in particular, thought that Old style lock systems are “the antithesis of the thoughtful and efficient machine that is a bicycle”. We could hardly disagree with such eloquent thoughts, could we?

A sexy lock

Make what you want of his intriguing goal of creating a “sexy lock”, but you can’t argue with the reasons for choosing Titanium as the material for the “bow”. It results in the Ti Gr being far lighter than traditional locks and also, as their destructive testing video demonstrates, much stronger.

Lock destruction

As fellow-creators of videos involving destructive testing of locks we felt a natural empathy with John and his Ti Gr. We wish him well and hope that he spends our $1 contribution to his project well.

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Jonomc May 25, 2011 at 1:35 pm

Well it is about time! I am very interested in this – nothing irritates me more than having to lug about a heavy lock that cost £90 that could only slow a thief (with bolt cutters) down for maybe 10 seconds.
This lock looks Light and far more sensibly designed – the only worry is that someone like Abus will buy him out and start selling at £200 because it is so much better than their other locks and not based on cost of construction.
I have sent a donation also – got to love a man in his garage finding genuine and innovative inventions!


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