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Apr 022013

Road safety charity Brake and British Cycling have joined together in calling for action from national and local government to improve cycling by ‘GOing 20’ and introducing widespread 20mph limits in Britain’s towns and cities.

Brake and British Cycling believe that by introducing a 20mph limits in towns and cities alongside improvements to existing road design would help produce more safe cycling routes. They are also calling on drivers everywhere to do their bit to make roads safer, by slowing down, giving space to cyclists and looking out for people on bike and foot.

Brake has published a survey of 1,000 cyclists that reveals that safer roads would encourage people to cycle more: 46% would cycle more local journeys, 44% would cycle more for leisure or exercise and 40% would cycle more to work, given safer local routes.

Nine in 10 (88%) think traffic is too fast on roads in their area and an overwhelming 98% said more should be done to make local streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Seven in 10 (68%) believe widespread 20mph limits are needed in their area to make cycling and walking safer.

When asked in 2012, nearly two thirds (65%) of British Cycling members said reducing residential speed limits to 20mph would reduce injuries to cyclists.

GO 20 is a coalition of 11 charities and organisations (including Brake and British Cycling) calling for: more local authorities to implement 20mph limits across towns, cities and villages; the government to work towards 20mph being the norm in all our communities; and drivers to pledge to GO 20 around homes, schools and shops.

Since November 2012 when the GO 20 campaign launched, significant progress has been made for GO 20 across the UK. The UK government and Welsh Assembly both recently moved to encourage more 20mph limits in England and Wales.

Anyone can pledge their support for GO 20 by giving your support to the campaign on Facebook or write to your local MP and ask them to support the GO 20 campaign.

At a local level, find out if there’s a campaign group already active in your area and get in touch to lend your support or if there’s no local group, set up your own with help from campaign group 20′s Plenty for Us.

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