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Fancy some urban downhill cycling?



Anyone who has a mountain bike and uses it off road will certainly attest to the adrenalin of riding said bike downhill on a forest course. It requires amazing bike control. Sadly my attempts down a course in Chiang Mai in Thailand a couple of years ago required a bit of hospital treatment.

That’s why I think I would be literally bricking it if I had to do a narrow street course, which seems to be the specialty of Latin American races.

The challenges of a street circuit

The video below features the annual Valpara√≠so Cerro Abajo cup, a downhill mountain bike competition that takes place in the narrow city streets and sidewalks of Valpara√≠so in Chile. Taken from the viewpoint of a helmet cam, the ride is one hair raising watch, particularly when a dog strays on to the course. How the rider stays upright I’ll never know.

Amazing stuff I’ll think you agree. Not sure whether the UK could offer something up along similar lines.

Below is another video from a similar race through a Brazilian favela with some English commentary from a bloke while riding on the downhill course itself. It is intercut with video from behind him, which is his brother riding behind him. A church roof is used as part of the course.

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Steve March 6, 2011 at 6:34 pm

That is quite something.
Adds an edge to the daily commute.


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Cheers for that. A mistake on my part
is a comment made by James - Going Going Bike in the blog post called

That is quite something. Adds an edge to the daily commute.
is a comment made by Steve in the blog post called

Neat idea. Cycling in a group always feels safer. It can be lonely on those l
is a comment made by Steve in the blog post called

Well said Roxy. And well done Goinggoingbike for allowing the comments of the a
is a comment made by Steve in the blog post called


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