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Family Promotion in support of The Place2Be


Family Promotion in Support of The Place2Be

Going Going Bike is delighted to support The Place2Be. We wanted to give the profits we make from our speacial auctions of cargo bikes and other cycling kit for all the family to a charity that helps children. This makes sense because the entire promotion is about improving the health, happiness and lives of children by getting them going by bike.

As a result we could not have chosen a better charity than The Place2Be, who provide schools based counselling services.

Below is a case study to demonstrate the important work which The Place2Be undertakes:

Eight-year-old Kane* was often angry and violent at school. One day he was so enraged that he pulled the water fountain off the wall and hurled it through a window. After that Kane’s teacher referred him to The Place2Be.

We met with Kane’s mum and started weekly counselling sessions with Kane. Mum said she felt relieved that he could come to The Place2Be, admitting that she was struggling to cope with his outbursts and difficult behaviour at home.

Anger and hurt

Knowing we were there to help Kane, his mum felt able to tell us a bit more about her situation. Eighteen months ago the whole family had moved to London from Ireland. Within a few days of the move, dad left the family home – completely unexpectedly – and never returned. His only contact was through cards sent for birthdays and Christmas, with no return address, so they couldn’t know his whereabouts. Kane rejected these cards, which served only to fuel his anger and hurt.

Through his counselling sessions we learned that Kane blamed himself for his dad leaving. He was very private and struggled to talk about his feelings, but his emotions spilled out into fights with his sister, mum and children at school. On one occasion when he’d felt really angry at home, he yelled that he wished he was dead, then rushed into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and held it to his chest.

Trust in counsellor

It took many weeks for Kane to build up enough trust in his counsellor to share these stories. Gradually he felt able to talk about his feelings and express himself through painting and play.

In time, Kane said he was getting on better with his mum and sister. Mum said they were talking a lot more and she was helping him understand he was not to blame for the breakdown of the family.

Recently, Kane discovered that an aunt was still in contact with his dad. He asked his counsellor to help him write a letter expressing his anger, helping him move on and feel more in control of his life.

Saved her child

Kane’s mother says that we have ‘saved her child’, and his teachers say he is ‘a different boy’, reporting that he’s much calmer and not getting into trouble. Both mum and teacher know that with The Place2Be on-site in their school there will always be help on hand for children like Kane.

*child’s name changed

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