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Evening of bicycle inspired music, art and culture


Pedal powered music at Brake the Cycle

Interesting scenes at the Dalston Boys Club yesterday as Clouds TV and Brake the Cycle hosted an evening of bicycle inspired music, art and culture. Because of its strong association with cycling, Hackney in East London was an appropriate location to hold an event that felt like the initial gathering of a group of conspiratorial cyclists.

An unmarked door, a nod and a wink to enter and misleading signs behind the bar all added to the sense of intrigue. Something was going on here…but what exactly?

Charity cycles rides, academic studies into why cycling thrives in certain areas, pedal powered music, round the world cycle tours were all on the agenda (and on the stage at various junctures) as the gathered crowd enjoyed a pint of ale and some jungle curry. We were even given the chance to talk about Going Going Bike and our efforts to create a legitimate market for second hand bikes.

According to Dr Rachel Aldred, Hackney was chosen in her studies because it has seen the highest rise in cycling out of all the London boroughs. However, it was the statistic that one in eight people in Hull cycle to work…the national average is closer to one in fifty. Not sure how an evening like this would have been received in Hull.

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