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Edinburgh tops “Big Count” on employees cycling to work



The first audit of how many commuters cycle to work in Scotland has revealed that 3.6% of the Scottish working population are active in cycling to their working premises.

Cycling Scotland, the promotional body for cycling in Scotland, organised the audit. It asked employers in Scotland to count the number of bicycles were at their premises on the same working day (September 21).

The Big Count, as it was called, took in data from 184 workplaces overall. There was a 60,000 headcount of employees cycling to those businesses.

Cycling Scotland compared the number of bikes with the number of employees at each workplace to work out what proportion of employees who cycle to work.


Scotland’s capital Edinburgh topped the audit in terms of most employees cycling to work, with an average of 4.7% getting on their bikes. Sixty Six employers in Edinburgh took part in the survey.

Cycling Scotland’s Big Count is part of the organisation’s wider Cycle Friendly Employer Award scheme. That status is awarded to workplaces with the right facilities and incentives to encourage cycling to work. Edinburgh also dominates this area, with 37% of the 81 businesses that have achieved the award are based in Edinburgh.

Biannual survey

The Big Count will be a biannual survey. Data collected from the survey will help inform future developments that will support and enable workplaces to encourage higher rates of staff cycling.

*Applications for Cycling Scotland’s Cycle Friendly & Sustainable Communities Fund have opened. Grants of up to £10,000 are available to community-led projects aiming to increase the number of trips made by bicycle. Projects that can demonstrate a shift to trips by bike and a reduction in carbon emissions are encouraged to apply for the funding.  Full details, including application form, can be found at www.cyclefriendlycommunities.co.uk. The deadline for applications is the November 20.

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