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Feb 232011
Water off a Duck's Back

One of the highlights of this year’s London Bike Show, at the Excel Centre, was GGB’s chance meeting with the founder of Water off a Duck’s Back – Antonia Maybury. Having toured the, halls seeing all the lycra we could manage, we stumbled across a stand doing something a bit different…

It turned out that our frustration with the lack of alternatives to Hi-vis jackets was shared. Tired of the options available, Antonia set up Water off a Duck’s Back “out of frustration from not being able to find a stylish, yet practical, coat to wear when I cycled.”

Antonia says, “There are, of course, ladies cycle coats in the market place; however they tend to be functional rather than fashionable.  Up until recently the cycling world has been filled with male cyclists whizzing from A to B in lycra and there has been little need for a fashionable cycle coat for women.  Recently, though, there has been a massive increase in lady (and gentlemen) cyclists who want to have something that looks stylish yet practical – and not neon or pink!”

And we think she has created something that ticks all the boxes. With reversible reflective panels on the collar and cuffs, the coat is not just stylist but visible. What more could you want?

It also features a button hem system to stop the coat flapping open as you are riding along, ensuring you remain dry at all times. And fear not if you are without your brolly, there is also a detachable hood to keep your hair dry!

As you can see, the coat is designed to be multi-functional so you can wear it out and about when you are without your bike. Perfect for the April showers just round the corner?

And what about for the men out there?

Not to worry, Antonia tells us “at the moment I’m carrying out market research into what men want, with an aim to have a jacket/coat launched in the autumn.  Naturally it will be waterproof, breathable with hidden reflective elements however I welcome any additional comments that anyone may have.”

So if you do have any questions or comments then post your comments below.

Finally and perhaps the most important question.

What bike do you ride?

A lovely 26 year old ladies Raleigh bike with a basket on the front.  Having had more bikes stolen than Boris Johnson and David Cameron put together I bought her because no self-respecting bike thief would ever want her!!

Thieves have self-respect…?!

Check out Antonia’s waterproof jackets in her webstore

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