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Dublin bike hire scheme set to expand



The success of the Dublin cycle bike scheme has undoubtedly surprised some of its supporters with 47,000 members having joined up by October this year. Only 2,000 were expected to use the system within a year of its launch in September 2009.

So it comes as no surprise that Dublin City Council is now pushing for the scheme to expand from the 450 bikes that are now in operation to 5,000 bikes over the next five years.

Under proposed plans, 300 new docking points will be built as the scheme takes in districts outside Dublin’s canal boundaries both north and south. Work will begin in 2011 if the extension is approved with the first expansion of bike stations being seen in the Docklands area and around Dublin’s Heuston train station.

Bikes and docking  stations have so far been funded by French out-door advertising company JC Decaux, but expansion will require funding via a combination of public and private money. Public money via grants from the Irish Department of Transport  and the National Transport Authority has already been secured to fund the Docklands/Heuston expansion.

Like other schemes in major European cities, the first 30 minutes of a journey in Dublin is free with fees then rising to 6.50 Euro for four hours, after which 2 Euro is debited for every extra half hour from then. Users can become members by paying 10 Euro for a long term (one year) card, though there is a 3 day ticket for 2 Euro for more casual users.

Both subscriptions allow you to rent a bike as many times as you wish during the period covered by a subscription. Users will also need to leave 150 Euro deposit on subscription (which can be left via a debit card/credit card). This will only be debited if the bike is not returned to a docking station within 24 hours.

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