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Do you name your bike?


Naming your bike

I have to be honest; it’s one of those things I thought I’d never do. And yet somehow I’m the (mostly) proud owner of Rusty the Raleigh. How did this happen and should I be joining some self help group?!

It all started so innocently when I reclaimed my old mountain bike from the shed after years of being overseas. At this stage it was just an old bike that was more convenient to use rather than go out and buy another one. One afternoon, a full service and new tyres later I was out on the road.

It took a while to get used to riding around again, especially on the busier roads, but I managed to get from A to B. Days turned to weeks and I grew to appreciate the freedom and reliability of my bike. Yes it was heavy, yes it was slow (ok that might have been me) and yes we were always the last away from the traffic lights but we got there.

And so gradually my Raleigh became “Rusty” and morphed from “it” to “him”. I found myself referring to him by name, “Don’t worry Rusty’s locked up safely”. This didn’t seem like normal behaviour so for answers I turned to the GGB community to get their views during the weekly Thursday Throwdown. And in the process found out that I wasn’t alone. There are others out there! Rusty is joined by Leon, Barry, Arnold, Bikey1 and more…

As Alistair Smith commented “It is a bit like the farmer in the film “Babe” giving the piglet a name. Once named he didn’t have the heart to eat it or give it away. That is my excuse for having 6 bikes, I gave them names.”

Hi, my name’s James and I’m a cyclist….

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