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Jul 072011

We all like to discover on our bikes, whether it be a new shop in town, a new climb to conquer or beauty spot to have lunch. And there is one brand that has been around supporting people in all these kinds of discoveries.

Brooks saddles have been around for nearly 150 years and in that time they have learnt a thing or two about making the ultimate saddle. This week, in the GGB Sprint Auction, we have a Brooks B17 saddle to offer you courtesy of our friends at Holcros.

The B17 Standard is the flagship model for Brooks, ideal for long-distance touring, trekking and all-terrain use. It was featured in the Brooks Catalogue as early as 1898 and the fact that it is still one of there most popular saddles says it all..

In my case, the stories about ‘suffering’ during the initial few rides were totally unfounded (although some treating of the leather is required) and mine is easily the most comfortable saddle that i have had. So perhaps you should consider taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity to get yourself a part of the British cycling establishment. It all happens here, this Friday from 12.30pm.

What’s the Auction Format?

The format will be the same as usual:

  • The Lot will be a honey coloured Brooks B17 Saddle RRP £64.99 (see main picture).
  • The bidding will start at £5 with small increments of £2 and there will be NO reserve price set.
  • The auction will run from 12.30pm until 4.30pm at which point the winner will be contacted and arrangements made for delivery.
  • The auction will take place in the GGB Sprint Auction Store

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