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Day of action for climate change


Moving Planet

On September 24, more than 150 countries will be taking part in a global event called “Moving Planet”.  Moving Planet has been created to show government’s around the world that their citizens want action on climate change.

From events in the Pacific islands to European cities, hundreds of thousands will join creative rallies to show that people around the world are ready for clean energy and climate solutions.

United Nations

Key to the rally cry will be events involving the bicycle. Riding a bicycle is one of the best ways to cut carbon, build a movement to encourage more people to cycle while of course having fun.

The lead event will be in New York City where thousands of people will bike to the United Nations headquarters for a rally to show their support for a global climate treaty.

The UN General Assembly will be in session next week and organisers 350.org, the international climate campaign, will project photos and videos of the Moving Planet outside UN Headquarters in New York City.

In London, cyclists will be getting together to make up a gigantic aerial art image of a bicycle at Haggerston Park in Hackney. More details on that event here

Other events

Some of the global events organised include:

In the Dominican Republic, students will paint the country’s first bike lane in Santo Domingo.

In Brazil, thousands of cyclists will take to the streets of São Paulo to call for sustainable transportation solutions.

In Indonesia, cyclists will bike 350 hours from Bali to Bandung for a clean energy rally.

In Italy, hundreds of cyclists will take to the busy streets of Milan to draw attention to local pollution and traffic congestion.

There will be also local events and 350.org is encouraging anyone to start their own Moving Planet event.

Walking, marching, skating

Moving Planet is not only about bicycle events and there are other events aimed at bringing publicity to the day. For instance, in Egypt, hundreds of people will parade in blue clothing to create a human Nile river, drawing attention to the importance of protecting precious water resources. In France, people will gather in Paris to form the image of a giant wind-turbine to demand the “transition énergétique,” an immediate transition to renewable energy.

“The planet has been stuck for too long with governments doing nothing about the biggest problem we’ve ever faced,” said Bill McKibben, the founder of 350.org. “This is the day when people will get the earth moving, rolling towards the solutions we need.”

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