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Jan 192011

We all know Denmark is the place to go for what is good about cycle infrastructure and it comes as no surprise that one city in the country has been looking at the thorny issue of cycle accidents that involve right-turning vehicles, mainly trucks.

A pilot project in the city of Aarhus has been looking at various ideas and solutions to improve safety in this area and so reduce the number of accidents and fatalities associated with right-turning vehicles.

Variable-message signs

As part of the project, Aarhus city council has placed variable-message signs at critical signalised intersections, which light up and alert cyclists, when a right-turning vehicle is in the right-turn lane.

One sign is placed at the stop line for the cyclists, and the second is placed at the beginning of the right-turn lane (See diagram below).

Besides the two variable-massage signs, a passive sign informs the cyclists about potential danger by right-turning, large vehicles and is placed about 100m before the first variable-massage sign.

Thoughts of cyclists

A roadside interview survey conducted for the project showed that 86% of the interviewed cyclists expressed that they would prefer to cycle through the intersection with variable-message signs and that the perceived safety is improved. Forty per cent believed that there would be fewer dangerous situations, while only 1% believes that there will be more.

The pilot is ongoing, with the city council monitoring intersections where the variable-message signs are placed.

Thanks to Cycling Embassy of Denmark for use of above diagram.

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  2. Excellent idea, glad to see it being tried. I hope the results are great and that the concept can spread.

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