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Cyclist convicted of road rage attack



Road rage stories relating to cyclists almost inevitably feature a motorist going mad or physically attacking a cyclist. However, in a cautionary tale for all of us cyclists, a bike rider from Brighton has been sent to prison after being convicted for manslaughter for assaulting a motorist.

Paul Lambeth was sentenced for 18 months for his assault on Tony Magdi after Mr Magdi opened his car door on Mr Lambeth and two of his friends, James Jones and Michael Wilson, as they cycled together on Portland Road towards central Hove.

Mr Magdi had just parked his car and opened the door on the cyclists whom had been cycling in a line with Mr Jones in front. Mr Jones hit the door full on, sending him sprawling across the road. Mr Lambeth and Mr Wilson had to brake and swerve, while a fourth passing cyclist, Anthony Randles, fell off his bike.


After an initial verbal argument between the cyclists and an apologetic Mr Magdi had died down, Mr Lambeth’s anger got the better of him and he punched Mr Magdi. The punch sent the 52 year old Mr Magdi into unconsciousness from which he did not survive due to bleeding on the brain and he died 21 days after the incident which happened on November 7 last year.

Mr Lambeth and Mr Wilson immediately cycled away from the scene after the punch, while Mr Jones, who had remonstrated with Mr Lambeth over his actions, and Mr Randles put Mr Magdi in the recovery position. Realising Mr Magdi was unresponsive to attempts to wake him up, Mr Jones also fled the scene on his bike.

We ask all cyclists, whatever the provocation or circumstances of any incident with a motorist, do not take the law into your own hands.

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