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Cycling in the countryside given National Trust boost



The UK’s largest landowner The National Trust has committed to creating 1.000 miles of access routes for walkers, cyclists and horse riders over the next ten years.

Initially the Trust will concentrate on delivery of 100 miles of new walking paths this coming year, but cycling specific routes on Trust property are already being scouted. The National Trust manages 660,000 acres of land in the UK apart from being the curator and custodian of stately homes and other historic buildings.

Plans for cycling

As part of its commitment to cycling, this year there will be a series of seven cycling challenge rides at Trust places from Pembrokeshire to Cambridgeshire, while in July, the Trust’s first ever cycling festival will take place at more than twenty places throughout the country including an evening community bike ride at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire and a kids On Your Bike weekend at Scotney Castle in Kent.

The Trust plans are welcome given the government’s intention to sell off publicly-owned forests, many that are used by cyclists.

The cycling initiatives are part of the National Trust aim to get more people enjoy the great UK countryside and get closer to nature. A network of simple campsites to appeal to holidaymakers with bikes and walkers are also being planned on National Trust sites.

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