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Jul 122010
Biking in Thailand

There is nothing quite like a cycling holiday (that’s why we are so happy to be giving away a cycling holiday to celebrate our launch). You get off the beaten track. Get lots of not too strenuous exercise. See lots more than normal. And you get home at the end feeling healthier, refreshed and not in need of another holiday!

I went on one to Thailand and ended up with a tour guide who was the local King of the Mountains. Which meant that on the one hand got an expert view of both local history and how to cycle the route but on the other hand didn’t manage to beat him up one hill in a week. Despite cheating as much as possible!

I still think it’s one of the best holidays I’ve ever been on and plan to go on at least one a year from now one. However next time I’m going with cleats. One hill will be mine….#


As promised here is a bit more info on the cycle tour that I did in Thailand. It was centred around Central Thailand and we got to see some amazing places on the tour, including Ayutthaya (the ancient capital), Bridge over the River Kwai and the floating markets. It was breathtaking and I really recommend it.

It was not particularly strenuous riding (apart from the hills I mentioned in the original post) but as I did it as a private tour I was able to increase the amount of cycling per day from the normal tours that follow these routes. Usually people do about 30km a day but I wanted to do as much as possible and on some days did far more than that.

Because of the heat and humidy it really helps going with a good organization that know how to support you. We always had a support vehicle riding close to us in case of any mechanical problems (which we luckily did not have) and a ready supply of drinks and fresh fruit. It’s certainly some of the most civilized and interesting cycling that I have done.

To find out more about the exact tour link is:


For other interesting cycling holidays can check out Exodus


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  1. Oh, I was expecting to read more about the Thailand trip!
    Where did you go and how can I find out more about it?, I want to go!

    • David – thanks for your comment and glad you are interested. I’ll update the post over the weekend to let you know more about where I went, and give some suggestions on other places you can research your trip…

    • Hi David – I’ve updated my post on cycling in Thailand…let me know if you have any further queries and I will be v happy to respond to them directly.

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