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09/02/2011 // INFO 2 Comments

Cycle to Work scheme motivates cycling take up



Cycle to Work schemes have an important part to play in encouraging more people to take up cycling.

Some people I know had never even cycled before until they started cycling for their commutes in and out of London. Take up among these friends was mostly motivated by the financial benefits of Cycle to Work schemes which make even the most entry level Brompton affordable.

This little straw poll among friends is corroborated by new research from the Cycle to Work Alliance, a group of the leading providers of the cycle to work scheme, including Cyclescheme, Cycle Solutions, Evans Cycles and Halfords.

New cyclists

The Alliance conducted a survey among 44,500 users of Cycle to Work schemes and found that 61% did not cycle to work before signing up to the scheme with 70% also classing themselves as either novice or occasional cyclists.

The Alliance estimates that the 61% who had not cycled to work before equates to 158,600 new cyclists now on the road (as there are over 260,000 current users of the various Cycle to Work schemes).

Motivated by financial savings

The research found that the savings offered by the scheme played a vital role in incentivising individuals to live healthier lives and contribute to a more sustainable transport system.

Bike retailers have also reported that Cycling to Work schemes account for a significant proportion of their trade. The Alliance’s research supports this, with 76% of participants declaring they would not have bought their bicycle if it had not been offered through the cycle to work scheme.

The survey is part of research that examines the benefits of the cycle to work scheme, the motivations that drive demand from the users of the scheme, and the employers who offer it.

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simon harrison February 13, 2011 at 6:38 pm

We manufacture the Bike Vault as shown on GGB and supply/quote many firms day to day and encounter many cycling employees along the way. We have found that although employers generally go along with the Cycle To Work Scheme, they often don’t follow through with the infrastructure cyclists need to go with it. The usual gripes we hear are re a lack of provision of changing and freshening up areas (don’t necessarily need showers!) and secure storage for the bikes themselves. More often than not they’re either locked to railings and carpark furniture or on top of filing cabinets next to the cyclist. The government should consider giving some enhanced tax breaks to the employers who do provide these facilities for their cycling staff rather than just for the employees. It would certainly provide a more rounded package of benefits to the cycling community.


James - Going Going Bike February 14, 2011 at 11:48 am

Simon – that is a really good point. I don’t think the cost of a bicycle is the biggest reason people are reluctant to cycle to work. A second hand bike can be great value and ride well.

Places to securely store bikes and work-based areas to change/freshen up are consisently mentioned as reasons why people don’t cycle.


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