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Aug 062010
2 Good Locks

Going Going Bike are passionate about keeping bikes safe. No bike should ever be stolen. Below are our top tips for bike security below. Follow them and (hopefully) remain happily united with your bikes!

At home

1. Lock your bike. More than half of all bicycle thefts take place from an owner’s property.

2. Keep your bike in a secure garage or shed and keep the door locked and bike locked.

3. Keep your bicycle out of public view.

Out and about

1. Always lock your bicycle, even if you are just leaving it for 30 seconds.

2. Use two good locks – a D lock and a chain lock. Buy the best.

3. Avoid isolated places; leave your bike where it can be seen.

4. Always lock your bike to an immovable object – a bike rack or ground anchors; thieves can remove drainpipes and lift bikes off signposts. Try to lock your bike in a secure building.

5. Make the lock and bike hard to manoeuvre when parked – stop thieves smashing it open by keeping the lock away from the ground; keep the gap between bike and lock small.

6. Turn keyhole downward so thieves can’t put corrosive liquid down the keyhole.

7. Secure removable parts; lock both wheels and the frame together.

8. If commuting, don’t lock your bike at the same bike rack every day.

9. Don’t leave your bike locked overnight in public.

For more bike security tips see our Prove It page

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