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Oct 142011

The UK government yesterday published the final policy document from its wide ranging Traffic Signs Review. It is pleasing to see that the review recognises that travel behaviour is changing and that people are being encouraged to cycle and consideration is now being made for this in policy.

The headline announcement of the Traffic Signs Review, in terms of cycling, is the introduction of a ‘no entry except cycles’ sign that will allow contra-flow cycling.

Contra-flow cycling

English local authorities will be able to place the combined sign “no entry except cycles” where they consider appropriate.

Trials undertaken for the sign in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and further trials undertaken for research for Transport for London (TfL), have indicated that the number of motor vehicles which contravened the restrictions were halved and that there was an increase in the number of cyclists using the contraflow schemes compared to the “no motor vehicles” traffic sign.

The new signage will indicate to road users that un-segregated contraflow cycling is permitted on a one-way road.

UK councils will also be allowed to add journey times as well as distances on signs for cycle routes giving cyclists feedback on how long their ride might take.

Improving cycling safety

The Department of Transport will give local councils more flexibility to trial innovative cycle schemes intended to promote safer cycling safety. This includes a trial permitting cycling over zebra crossings, an advanced green light phase for cyclists and the means for cyclists to bypass standard traffic signals. The DfT is also extending the trial of “trixi” mirrors across the TfL Cycle SuperHighway network.

The Traffic Signs Review confirms the move to enable 20 mph zones to be implemented more easily by local authorities.

Many of the changes announced in the Traffic Sign Review still require amendments to current regulations, which means much of the new regulations may not be up and running by 2014.

The full Traffic Signs Review policy document can be found here.

Image used courtesy of Cyclestreet.net

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