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Creatives come together for bike poster charity project


Family Affair

Three of the UK’s top creative artists Pete Lewis (Fallon), Omar Karim (Fallon) and Wesley Merritt (Debut Art) share much more than their love of art it in its many forms, they are also keen cyclists.

Keen to take a road trip on their bikes by doing the Land’s End to John O’Groats charity cycle ride, the boys have come together and created Family Affair, a charity bike art project that aims to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Bikes & Family

Family Affair has asked 30 talented members of their extended creative family to donate their visual skills and produce a piece of artwork on the theme of “Bikes & Family”. You can see three of the artwork contributions below.

Each piece of artwork has been reproduced as limited edition A2 prints. These will be on sale for £75 each at an exhibition of the original artwork which is being held at the Fallon gallery in London this Thursday (24th May). These prints will also be available for a limited period through afamilyaffair.myshopify.com

Family Affair’s exhibition takes place at Fallon, Elsley Court, Great Tichfield Street, W1.

01. Daniel Mead – Made in Fallon – fallon.co.uk
02. Morgan Guegan – Made in Fallon – morganguegan.com
03. Jody Barton – Big Active – jodybarton.co.uk
04. Celyn – Debut Art – debutart.com/illustration/celyn
05. I Love Dust – Debut Art – ilovedust.com
06. Wesley Merritt – Debut Art – debutart.com/illustration/wesley-merritt
07. Dominic Trevitt – Debut Art – dominictrevett.com
08. Paul Bower – Pocko – paulbower.co.uk
09. Eduardo Recife – Pocko – eduardorecife.com
10. Kinpro – Pocko – pocko.com/illustration/kinpro
11. James Dawe – Pocko – jamesdawe.co.uk
12. Ben Hawkes – Private View – pvuk.com/artist/ben_hawkes-portfolio153_1.html
13. Owen Gildersleeve – YCN – owengildersleeve.com
14. Daniel Frost – YCN – danielfrostillustration.blogspot.com
15. Stevie Gee – Stem Agency –  steviegee.tumblr.com
16. Richard Hogg – Siobhan Squire – h099.com
17. Crispin Finn  - Siobhan Squire – crispinfinn.com
18. Jimmy Turrell – Heart Agency – jimmyturrell.com
19. Jonny Hannah – Heart Agency – castorandpollux.co.uk/cakesandalepress
20. Lucas Hunter – Klasse – klasserecordings.tumblr.com
21. Rob Longworth – Church of London – thechurchoflondon.com
22. Paul Willouby – Church of London -paulwilloughby.com
23. Brett Ryder – Agency Rush – brettryder.co.uk
24. Matius Rewoski – Agency Rush – mathis.tv
25. Kate Jenkins – Agency Rush – cardigan.ltd.uk/kate-jenkins
26. Alice Stevenson – Agency Rush – alicestevenson.com
27. Eoin Ryan – Agency Rush – eoinryanart.com
28. Parusha Lewis –  Freelance – parusha.com
29. Rob Hunter – Freelance –  rob-hunter.co.uk
30. Ryan Todd –  Freelance –  ryantodd.com

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