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Jul 142011

As the tour heads towards the Pyrenees for the first Mountain stage (the Tourmalet) and the phoney war is over, we reflect on an action packed two weeks by offering another bike via the Sprint Auction. I would suggest, however, that you seek a more suitable model if you are planning on becoming King of the Mountains!

The bike in question is a 2011 Create “Original” their 6th version of the popular fixie. After 3 years of constant upgrades the newest version has had a complete makeover making this model barely distinguishable from the early models.

Such is their appetite for seeking out fresh new challenges that the Create guys will be exploring some of their new ideas in the next 6-12 months so keep an eye out on GGB for their latest offerings.

The Create “Original” Mark VI

So onto the bike itself:

It is a 54cm Green and Orange 2011 Create “Original.” It has tig welded hi-ten steel frame with 50mm Deep V Rims and a flip flop hub so you can choose whether or not you want join the ‘fixie’ movement! As you can see from the main photo it is certainly a head turner and perfect for anyone 5’5” – 6’1”.

The RRP is normally £329 but we will be starting the bidding at £5 with no reserve. So come and get involved this Friday at 12.30pm in the usual place.

Auction Format

So on to the auction format:

  • The Lot will be a Green/Orange 2011 Create “Original” (see main picture).
  • The bidding will start at £5 with small increments of £2 and there will be NO reserve price set.
  • The auction will run this Friday from 12.30pm until 4.30pm at which point the winner will be contacted and arrangements made for delivery.

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