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Communicating on a cycle ride



Cycling and talking to a fellow cyclist out on the road is not as easy as it looks even when there is only a small distance between you. We found this on Sunday on our Going Going Bike ride to Southend when communicating with a rider 5 to 10 metres in front or back of you was difficult as words got lost in the air. 

Well a bit of research has found an interesting new product (launched today) that aims to solve the problem of communication between cyclists in an affordable and a practical way.


The HIOD One, which is made by Swedish company Free2move, uses a Bluetooth-based system called PalTalk to provide an instant link between cyclists who can be up to hundreds of metres apart. The HIOD allows the cyclist to communicate with five other Pals, one at a time.

The HIOD One is attached to a bike’s handlebar and sports a LED display which controls the communication between each cyclist. A voice control unit, earphone and microphone also comes with the device allowing you to hear and talk to other cyclists who have a HIOD device. Noise reduction technology in the HIOD One delivers clear communication even in high speed and strong winds, according to the makers.

Additionally, a user can also control his/her mobile phone and stream music through the HIOD One.

No price yet

At present, the HIOD One has no sales presence but Free2Move is looking for a distributor/dealer interested in selling the product across different countries. No price has yet been put on the product.

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