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Nov 042011
iOnRoad_v3 (2)

Ok so this phone app we are about to feature below isn’t strictly bike related but it does have relevance to cycle safety if it promotes better driving standards.

The app, which is called iOnRoad and is only available on phones with the Android platform, improves car driving in real-time by using a smartphone’s camera advanced sensors to detect vehicles or other road transport in front of the vehicle, alerting  drivers when they get too close.

Pop-up warning

iOnRoad maps objects in front of the driver, calculating the user’s current speed using the native sensors. If you do get too close to a vehicle, you get an audio-visual warning popup until you back away a bit.

There are some other features on iOnRoad that have benefit for the car drivers among you. This includes notification narration (Text-to-speech), and road snapshots, so you can take snaps of bad driving in front of you. It also delivers ongoing driving feedback for self-correction and rates driving skills.

iOnRoad is currently in beta testing phase and can be downloaded for free for a limited time.

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