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Championing the real riders of the road



It is fairly obvious why cycle companies associate themselves with top professionals or even teams in the sport of cycling. Wide coverage makes for good PR and brand awareness which in turn can relate to cycle sales at grassroot and commuter level.

US-based cycle manufacturer Giant has however decided to take a different approach in Australia by deciding to put its resources behind sponsoring 30 everyday cyclists in a clever marketing move under it Giant Real Riders campaign.

Free gear

Giant will provide the 30 with a package of freebies that includes a new bike (depending on what you like to ride), cycling gear, service/maintenance support and a sponsor contract.

Blogging about its Real Rider initiative, Giant Australia said that while it has always been proud to sponsor the world’s best riders it realised that they’re were only a tiny proportion of the people who are out there cycling and supporting the sport and it was day to day riders that were the real heroes of cycling.

If chosen as one of 30, a rider must agree to become one of the faces of the brand and this means attending the odd function/ride/photoshoot/VIP event as well as being an ambassador for the brand.

How to get chosen as one of the 30

To be chosen as one of the 30, Aussie cyclists have to create a profile on Giant’s Real Rider campaign website. On the profile, a rider has to tell Giant in 100 words or so why they think they should be sponsored. Giant also recommends that a picture of the bike the rider currently uses be uploaded to the profile. Giant will decide who it intends to sponsor based on the profile submissions and will start announcing sponsorships in August.

Giant has not put any boundaries on who will be chosen to be sponsored so children will be chosen as part of the campaign.

Marketing campaign

Unsurprisingly, an advertising campaign will support the Real Rider marketing initiative with Giant launching a TV commercial during the Tour de France coverage on Australian TV channel SBS on July 8.

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