Going Going Bike

Oct 242014

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been tipping you off on how to survive the winter commute by being visible in the dwindling light, keeping yourself warm and dry and making sure your bike is ready for the season’s inclement/biblical weather. All well and good and sure, no one wants hypothermia, but there’s really no substitute for being aware on the roads and cycling safely.

The chances are, many regular cycling commuters have probably experienced at least one incident on the roads that was hairier than a back-combed member of ZZ Top. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do about the taxi driver who doesn’t actually understand basic principles of driving or the woman posting venomous Tweets about #bloodycyclists while at the wheel of her car. There are, however, a number of ways you can lessen the probability of becoming another grim statistic, besides illuminating yourself like the Blackpool Tower.

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Oct 152014

There’s so much to this cycling lark, it seems. Especially when the inclement Great British Winter kicks in, with its rain and wind sending you perilously close to a very different path than the one you may actually have chosen, i.e. upright on the road. Not in a ditch/gutter/under the wheels of a bus. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been giving you handy hints on how to make your winter commute more bearable, by making yourself visible and kitting yourself out to get the better of the elements. This week, we’re talking about getting your bike ready for winter.

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Oct 022014

When I started cycling last year, nothing could have prepared me for the senseless pain I experienced on a twice-daily basis, commuting through the howling wind and lashing rain of the Great British winter. The bad news is that this is largely as a result of the one thing you can guarantee (apart from death, but let’s not go there just yet), which is that winter in the UK is going to be cold at some point. The good news is that the way you prepare for that eventuality is going to have an enormous bearing on the level of pain you experience. Continue reading »

Sep 252014
Hopefully not your commute

As the days draw shorter, temperatures plummet and a new crop of Freshers arrive in Hollyoaks village, it can only mean one thing – that’s right, the holidays are over.  But that doesn’t just mean the return of the X Factor and unsuccessful attempts at layering.  It also means your commute to work is about to get approximately 400% more annoying. Over the next few weeks we’ll be giving you tips on how to stay safe, warm and dry on your commute over the coming months.

Being Visible

Colder temperatures and lashing rain do have implications for safe cycling and are environmentally certainly less pleasant to cycle in, but the most noticeable seasonal difference is the dwindling light and one of the most important elements of cycling safety is visibility. Continue reading »