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Cambridge cyclists mull occupation of car park spaces at train station


Cambridge Station Protest

Disgruntled at the lack of places to park their bikes at Cambridge train station, cyclists in the city are trying to organise a drive to work day to highlight a lack of parking infrastructure at the train station.

The protest would involve cyclists parking their cars in parking spots at the train station and therefore create shortages for normal car users to the station. The aim of the protest is to highlight how many parking spaces would be used up if people didn’t cycle and leave their bikes at the station.

Civil obedience

This unique idea of “civil obedience” has come from former Cambridge city councillor Neale Upstone. Neale presented the protest idea on the FixMyTransport web page put up local cycling pressure group, the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, to gather support for changes to the cycle parking situation at the station.

Martin Lucas-Smith of Cambridge Cycling Campaign, writing on the Fix My Transport website, said that there was a common consensus that the cycle parking situation at Cambridge station desperately needed to be sorted out as it is regarded as truly dire for cyclists. Some cyclists have taken to locking their bikes on any street furniture or railings in and around the station due to the lack of cycle parking, only for their bikes to be removed by authorities. A source of conflict has been parking on railings on disabled ramp leading to the entrance to the station.

“There is a massive shortage of cycling spaces, and it can easily take at least five minutes to find a space, if at all.”

“The amount of space given to car parking is large compared to the number for cycle spaces. Around 20 cycles can be parked in the amount of space that a car and its reversing space requires. These 19 people are additional potential customers that may be being turned away.”

Cycle parking at the station has been a constant source of complaint for local cyclists, with Mr Lucas-Smith saying that in 13 years since the issue was first raised, nothing has been done.

Action now

A redevelopment of the station will bring 2,812 cycle parking spaces eventually but Cambridge Cycling Campaign wants action now.

If you want to support Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s attempts to get National Express Anglia (the operator of Cambridge train station) to do something about the cycle parking situation, add your name here.

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