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Brazil plans to use traffic fines to fund bike programs



In an innovative policy move, Brazil’s federal government is pushing for a cycling body to be established that will be funded by revenue collected from motoring traffic fines. The fines will in part fund programs to encourage cycling use in Brazil.

The Urban Development Commission of the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil’s parliament has approved a bill that will set up the Programa Bicicleta Brasil. Under the bill, 15% of all collected traffic fines will be used to fund bicycle projects in all towns with more than 20,000 inhabitants.

Other funding arrangements

Programa Bicicleta Brasil will also be financed by budgetary allocations at all levels of the Brazilian government and by contributions and donations from organizations, individuals and corporations. Programa Bicicleta Brasil will promote the use of bicycles from the creation of bike lanes and better bicycle infrastructure to marketing campaigns that promote cycling as a healthy and active lifestyle.

Way to School initiative

In a further move to encourage cycling in Brazil, the country’s parliament has recently passed a law under the Way to School initiative. The initiative is a national program that provides 100,000 donated bikes and helmets to students in public schools.

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