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18/08/2011 // INFO 1 Comment

Boy’s detective work leads to recovery of stolen bikes



We’ve often featured stories on Going Going Bike where stolen bikes have been recovered by their owners after seeing their own bikes being sold via various online means or in classifieds.

Today we bring you some fine detective work from a 14 year old boy that managed to track down his own bike and then led police to recover a huge haul of stolen bikes.

Detection work

The unnamed lad had his bike nicked from outside a shop in the Fallings Park area of Wolverhampton. In a bid to see whether he could recover the bike, he kept an eye on the usedwolverhampton.co.uk website and saw what he thought was his bike up for sale.

Having made contact with the seller, the boy went to meet the seller at the seller’s named address and pointed out the bike being sold to him had unique scratch marks that identified the bike as his. The seller of the bike subsequently returned the bike to the boy without any cash changing hands.

Police notified

The boy was further brave enough to notify West Midlands Police of the address of the seller and details of how he had recovered his own bike. They subsequently raided the premises at a property in the Penn Fields area of Wolverhampton, where they discovered 25 bikes being stored. A second raid on a further property found a further 28 bikes.


Two men and a woman have now been arrested on suspicion of theft and handling stolen goods and released on bail after the raids. West Midlands Police have also begun the task of reuniting bikes, which include new and used bikes, with their owners by looking at reports of stolen bikes in the Wolverhampton area over the last six months.

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Phil Brown September 2, 2011 at 7:52 pm

Well done young man, nice to hear a good outcome.


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