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Bike shop manager out pedals thief



You’d guess someone working in a bike shop would have a bit of a turn of speed? The shop manager at Action Bikes certainly put in a big gear last Saturday morning (November 5) when he managed to out pedal a thief who managed to nab a bike from the shop.

The opportunistic thief managed to nab a £500 Napier city bike from the shop while staff at Action Bikes were putting out bicycles on display in front of the shop having just opened.

Turn of speed

However, alerted to the theft by the shouts of a member of the public, the shop manager, Robert Huddleston, jumped onto his own Brompton bike and gave chase as the thief made his way towards Turnham Green.

“I caught up behind him down near the Tube Station and attempted to dismount him but when that failed I shouted at him to stop. He refused and tried to cycle across Acton Green but I pursued him, still shouting until he gave up and dropped the bike” Robert told local Chiswick news website ChiswickW4.com.

Having been alerted to the theft, Met Police were also able to apprehend the thief.

Ambush raid

Bikes at the shop are normally chained up while on display outside the shop but staff told the website that they believe the thief had been stalking out the shop for some time to make an ambush raid while the bikes were not chained up.

All we can say is bravo, Robert. We also wonder with that turn of speed on a Brompton, whether an entry into the Brompton World Championships is something he should consider.

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