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Jul 012013

Here at Going Going Bike, we love a bit of bike culture. In fact, since we’ve been running the blog on the site, we’ve always tried to bring you the best of bike culture from around the world through our news items and features.http://www.goinggoingbike.com/blog/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

We thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of some of the sites that we love visiting that celebrate the very best of cycling culture. We hope you enjoy are selections.


Designed and written by British-based designer-turned-bike-lover, James Greig, Cycle Love is a curation of the best cycle-related culture on the net. The site has great interviews, features, some great photography and reviews. James’ aim with CycleLove is to show how the bicycle can liberate, empower and inspire the body and soul.

Bicycle Design

This is definitely the go-to site for anything to do with the design of bikes in the future and in the past. It’s not all about the bike as bike accessory design is also covered while bike infrastructure design is also touched on. You will also find occasional product reviews. Bicycle Design is run by US-based blogger James Thomas and you’ll find his thoughts about cycling and bicycle advocacy on the site as well.


Marc van Woudenberg, who is Mr Amsterdamize, has been running his site since the summer of 2008. He’s been giving us an insight into Dutch bicycle culture and practices ever since. The most modern incarnation of his site is very much a celebration of urban development, bicycle  culture, policies, communities and bike lifestyle from not only Holland but around the world.

Bike 198

This site is promoted as a community and covers all strands of biking from road to mountain bikes as well as the urban and commuter sphere. There are product reviews, news, riding tips and some awesome biking videos.


Drunkcyclist is a bit of an off-beat look at the world of cycling. It is definitely a place to go if you want a chuckle but be warned some of the posts can be a bit risqué with a leaning to NSFW. In a similar vein, Bike Snob NYC is also a great read if you want to have a bit of laugh.

I bike London

Run by Mark Ames, I bike London, is the probably the most popular UK cycling blog along with the Londoncyclist blog of Andreas Kambanis. Where it differs is that Mark very much focuses on the culture of cycling in all its parts as well as dipping into bike advocacy and elements of cycle chic. Recommended.


Also worth mentioning in our round-up is US-based Lovely Bicycle. The site is focused towards women and deals with many issues that are specific to women riding bikes and gives riding tips among other things. Like some of the other sites we have featured here, Lovely Bicycle also does product reviews.


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