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Mar 192012

Bike theft is never quite a one or two man operation. There is usually a web of criminals involved from the original theft to selling on stolen bikes and in some cases organised gangs operate in cities. So, it is always good to hear about bike crime convictions particularly when it involves systematic criminality on a grand scale.

Last week at Barrow Crown Court, Jobey Creegan was given a one year prison sentence for handling and receiving stolen goods, mainly bicycles.

In December 2010, Kent Police raided his premises in Romney Marsh, Kent, where he lived, and recovered bikes worth in excess of £12,000 in a shed on the property.

Bikes originally came from Barrow

The trail of ownership for most of these stolen bikes led to Barrow, when Mr Creegan is originally from. Mr Creegan wasn’t involved in stealing the bikes himself but was a contact for the local criminal community to pass on stolen goods, with bicycles being his specialty.

Detective Constable Alison Jesson, of Barrow CID, told the North West Evening Mail that when they raided Mr Creegan’s property in Romney Marsh, the shed resembled a branch of a bike shop.

Serial numbers scratched off

“There was a big outbuilding and it was full of bikes and bike parts, a lot of them had their serial numbers taken off.”

She added that some bikes had been re-sprayed or taken apart with some items no longer resembling what had been stolen.

“At the end of the day we wouldn’t have burglars if we didn’t have handlers. The burglars need an outlet for the goods they steal,” Ms Jesson stated.

“(The sentence) hopefully sends out a positive message that if you are a handler, it is just as serious as committing the initial crime and you won’t get away with it.”

A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing is scheduled to be held in to recover money that Mr Creegan made from selling the bikes.

We’ve recently updated our guide on what you should do if your bike is stolen. The guide gives tips on what you can proactively do to try and find your stolen bike.

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