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Bicycle auctions at London Bike Show


London Bike Show

During the London Bike Show (13-16 January) we will be hosting the auction of a collection of customised, airbrushed bicycles fully restored in Druid Cycles CIC’s London workshops. The bicycle auctions will be held, simultaneously, at the specially designed “auction room” stand at the Show and online at www.goinggoingbike.com.

Online and Real World Auctions

It is the first time that we have held auctions online and in the real world simultaneously and we reckon it should be a lot of fun and lead to some exciting auctions.

The bicycle auctions will be held each day of the Show and will raise money to support the professional MTB rider Nirjala Tamrakar from Nepal and the Indian rider Parth Raikwar. Both riders are part of Druid Cycles’ ongoing efforts to support cyclists throughout the world.

The catalogue of bikes for auction will be available early next week to view in the Druid Cycles Webstore on Going Going Bike.

Each listing will have a full specification and include the bike’s frame number and, accordingly, will be awarded the Prove It symbol. In addition each bike will be at the Bike Show where it can be viewed in all its glory and in detail.

We will be posting further information on these special auctions on our blog, Facebook Page and updating our followers on Twitter.

One of the bikes on the auctions will be the “Arch Mage”, detail shown on the left, which has a 56cm Raleigh frame and headtube handpainted by Russian artist Philip Firsov.

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