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Oct 132011

I think we can safely say the summer is over and as autumn approaches so does more frequent bursts of rain. It is definitely time to get that mudguard put on the bike.

We highly recommend buying a mudguard to keep your bottom nice and dry. That said we must commend a bit of design genius from Sweden called The SmartAss.

Simple design

The SmartAss is a light weight emergency fender that sits quietly and almost invisible under your saddle, ready to deploy whenever rain falls and the street get wetter (see video below for usage instructions).

The product is made of recycled plastic and should fit most saddles (though not a Brooks saddle, the designers are currently busy designing a SmartAss to be compatible with a Brooks Saddle).

SmartAss does not have a distributor in the UK but can be bought via the online shop of Ass Savers, the company behind the SmartAss.

Thanks to @tlc_blog on Twitter for bringing the SmartAss to our attention.

Ass Saving Techniques from Ass Savers on Vimeo.

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