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Oct 222011

A US company is marketing a worktop desk for cyclists. Called the Kickstand Desk, the desk allows a person use their bike and a trainer to ride while they are working.

The desk is engineered with 2-inch square steel tubing while the desktop, which is 150×75 cm (60×30 in), comes with a choice of either recycled maple or tempered glass surfaces.

The desktop is set on sliders that allow the top to be pushed out of the way so a person can get on and off your bike or change gears.

Further products to come

The desk is the first of a line of new furniture products designed to bring cycling into the workplace and is the work of Kickstand founder Dan Young. The bikes aren’t cheap though at $2,500 a pop.


Good luck to Dan on his venture. We think it is easy enough building your own DIY desk to do the same job at probably a fraction of the cost however. One such DIY project is the Herman Cycling Computer Desk, which we featured in a February posting about pedalling while you work.

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