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May 062011

Now the Royal Wedding is over, the usual souvenir tat (mostly those commemorative plates that your aunty buys) that is associated with such events is now half price in stores. These items may become collectible pieces in time, though knitting your own Royal Wedding does sound a bit creepy.

Not to be outdone on the souvenir stakes, our own British brand Brompton Bikes has produced a royal commemorative edition of its iconic fold-up bike.

The limited edition Brompton M3L is tastefully finished in a unique pale cream colour, named Sake White, and features a gold-coloured decal bearing the names of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the date of the wedding itself on the frame.

Not only a bike but a bag too

The bike is sold as a package with an exclusive hand-sewn Brompton S Bag and a Brooks B17 Special (Brown) saddle with copper rails. The bag features a Prince of Wales check with a crown embroidered onto the check to represent the Coronet of Prince William of Wales and is made from Dashing Tweed with a reflective Lumatwill strand woven into the fabric for reflective qualities.

Limited stock

Only 300 bikes and bags exist, but UK collectors and royal watchers are bound to be disappointed if they want to get their hands on one of those Bromptons. All of the 300 bikes that were made in this finish were shipped to the Far East for markets in Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong. UK dealers didn’t even know they existed.

Maybe one of them will turn up on our very own auctions, but for now we will leave you with some lovely pictures of the Royal Wedding commemorative Brompton.

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