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Aug 272011

We love anything bicycle wheel-based here at Going Going Bike, it doesn’t matter how many wheels the contraption has, we will feature it. So having featured a unicycle and of course the two wheeled bicycle variety many a time, we’re featuring our first blog on three wheels.

We bring you the Vienna Bike, an electrically-assisted foldable tricyle. A small wheel base ( only 35 cm between the back wheels) allows for intuative steering where you actually lean into corners, while the trike also features an unique suspension system.

Cargo carrying

The Vienna Bike can carry a specially built cargo box or even a child seat. The cargo box can load up to 150 litres or around 40 kg of shopping goods, which is more than the trunk of some small cars.


A full charge of the Vienna Bike can last 60km when assisted by pedalling, while the trike has a top speed of 22 km/h. Vienna is completely foldable and breaks down into a tidy, compact package (see picture below). The inventor of the Vienna Bike, Valentin Vodev, is now looking for investors to take the project forward.

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