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A review of the Lock Loop™



When faced with the repeated theft of his daughter’s wheels whilst she was away at university, the creator of Lock Loop™ decided that there must be a simple solution. With some time in his workshop, some old fashioned elbow grease and no little imagination the Lock Loop™ was born.

Designed to work alongside your current lock, the Lock Loop™ extends the reach of your current lock to include the front and rear wheels with very little added complication.

Vital statistics

It comes as a single large unit 450mm x 80mm (RRP £19.99) or as a bundle with the small loop 150mm x 80mm included as well (RRP £33.99). As the main photo shows the Lock Loop™ is bright yellow it has been deliberately coloured this way to highlight to any potential thieves that the bike is protected.

It is made from strengthened steel covered in vinyl (to protect your bike’s paintwork). It weighs under a kilo (around 700g) which is a lot less than the majority of decent bike locks although as it needs a lock to function it is still an extra 700g of weight to carry around.


If your bike has a bracket for your D-lock then transportation of the lock is very straightforward and it easily attaches itself to the mount. However, without one it is less straightforward. That said, the Velcro strap that is provided does allow you to attach it to your top tube (on a men’s bike). How long the Velcro strap would last is up for debate but in the couple of days I was riding around with it, it worked perfectly.

Using the Lock Loop

In using the Lock Loop™ I did have a few issues to contend with. As I only had the single larger loop, trying to lock my frame and rear wheel to the railings outside the office whilst looping through the front wheel, I did find it all a bit fiddly. It can be done and after a few attempts the process did become easier but realistically the bundle option would be my recommendation. This does make the Lock Loop™ that much more expensive but in my view worth the money.

It is a simple solution to secure bike parking and much like the TiGr, that we sponsored a few weeks ago, it allows you to protect your frame and wheels together giving you the added peace of mind. Plus you don’t have to remove your quick-release front wheel and carry it with you into the office.

Peace of mind

As with all security products, the idea is to deter the thief from even bothering to try to attack your bike. The Lock Loop™ is bright yellow for a reason, to let anyone with bad intentions know that the bike is protected. The beauty of the product is in its simplicity and with the right D-lock companion the need for two chunky locks is no more. You can get yours today in store or if you are clever in this week’s Sprint Auction.

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