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Jul 132011

Sitting on a saddle on a long ride for hours upon can be tough on the rear and the legs on just a normal bike but imagine what is like doing that on a Penny Farthing.

Well Aussie cyclist Dan Talbot, has just ridden 500km on a six day tour around the southern west fringes of Western Australia on a penny farthing.

Dan, who is a police sergeant, told regional Australian newspaper Busselton-Dunsborough Mail that riding a penny farthing wasn’t as difficult as it looked and while he was out riding on the tour he had an average speed of around 17kmh, with a top pedalling speed of 25kmh.

Unique problems

Going downhill and uphill can present problems and Dan has had to take it carefully going downhill where speeds can reach 35kmh on the Penny Farthing. In most cases this has involved him taking his feet off the pedals as the Penny Farthing is a fixed wheel bike. Going uphill is almost impossible on a Penny Farthing and so Dan had to push the bike up hills. Replacing broken spokes on the big front wheel (a common problem) was nearly an issue as Dan nearly ran out of spares.

Dan was raising money for Childhood Cancer Research in Australia. Read more about his tour on the Penny Farthing here.

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