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Sep 112012
Torch T1

Integrating lights onto a bicycle helmet seems such a simple idea you wonder why no one has yet launched a product into the market.

This will be rectified very soon as the makers of the Torch T1 helmet will soon start shipping their light integrated helmet to buyers.

The Torch T1 features integrated front and rear safety lights that has recessed lights that can be activated as solid or blinking. Ten LED bulbs are built into the lighting areas on the helmet. The lights themselves are powered by button cell batteries, which are rechargeable. The helmet itself has a vented, polycarbonate shell and an expanded polystyrene body.

The T1 is the design work of Nathan Wills, an industrial designer and keen cyclist. Nathan originally got the fundraising for the Torch T1 project from crowdfunding site Kickstarter. His project attracted funding of $68,000 when it closed in May of this year. The sum was beyond the funding target envisaged by Nathan when he started out on his fundraising.

See the video below to see the T1 in action.

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