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20/06/2011 // EVENTS, INFO Leave a comment

A great week to celebrate the bike



As many of you will gather, we are already into Team Green Britain Bike Week (June 18-June 26). Bike Week serves as a great promotion for the sport and leisure activity as cycling gets many more inches in the press at both local and national level. 

Last year, almost half a million people took part in Team Green Britain Bike Week events hosted right across the UK. This year will be no different and the official Bike Week website has collated what events are taking place this year for this week.

This includes anything from locally organised rides, both social, club and fundraising as well as a few quirkier events, such as bike polo, picnics and bicycle treasure hunts. To find the nearest event to you, use the search function.

Bix fix campaign

This year’s Bike Week includes an initiative to get people to fix their old bikes or bikes they no longer use and get out and ride.

Research shows that 77% of people own a bike yet only 14% use them regularly, so Bike Week via its Britain’s Biggest Bike Fix campaign, is encouraging people to get those bikes fixed, whether the bicycle has a puncture, or the brakes need adjusting.

Trained mechanics under the Dr Bike moniker will be at many of the local events organised for Bike Week with a mission to fix your bike. Again use the search function on the Bike Week website to find your nearest event where a Dr Bike mechanic will be.

London Cycle Challenge

For London-based cyclists, don’t forget Transport for London’s Cycle Challenge started on Saturday to coincide with the start of Bike Week. So join up, make a record of the number of miles you have cycled and you and your team could win cash prizes to be spent on cycling goods.

We buy any bike…

We are also doing our bit here at Going Going Bike, by helping your old bike find a new home in association with social enterprise business Bikeworks. List an unwanted bike via our auction and if by July 7 the bike has not been sold then Bikeworks will make you an offer for it.

Bikeworks refurbish bikes and then sell them on with a 30 day parts and labour warranty. See our post here for more details on the partnership with Bikeworks.

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