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A fresh delivery by bike


Globax Delivery Bike

We love the odd takeaway here at GGB when we have from time to time had to put in some late night working hours. However, we are consumed with just a little guilt that anything delivered to us is by a moped or motorbike with the resulting carbon emissions.

So we’re quite glad a delivery bike that has been very popular in Germany is now available to buy and rent here.

The GobaX G1 delivery bike can carry loads of up to 40kgs and provides a low cost, green alternative to cars and mopeds, which are often used in the takeaway industry. It will also help takeaways cut their delivery costs and improve their environmental footprint. For instance, MOT, insurance and petrol are greatly reduced if a bicycle is used.

Carry platform

The bike has a large carry platform attached to the back of the bike and different sizes of cargo can be mounted on the platform using a special adapter system.

The G1, which won ‘Best New Product’ at the Eurobike Awards 2011, is being used by GobaX’s own German Pizza franchise ‘Joey’s’ as well as other German delivery firms. It is available for lease from GlobaX UK from only £10 per week.

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