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A dapper ride – The Tweed Run



The third annual 2011 London Tweed Run takes place today. This friendly 10 mile jaunt around the Capital takes in London’s famous sites before ending up in Shoreditch for a good old cockney knees up.

Places on the Tweed Run itself are full and have been for some time but if you’d just like to have a gander at what several hundred people dressed in tweed look like and are in London today — there are some locations to see the ride go by (approximate times).

1:00pm Trafalgar Square
2:45pm Regent Street between Beak St & Oxford Circus
3:15pm The British Museum
3:45pm Clerkenwell Road/Old Street

More tweed events

Other Tweed Run events do take place in the UK, though not run by the London organisers. Sadly Tweed Run Ecosse, which took place in Edinburgh in April last year, will not run in 2011.

However, May 7  sees Tweed Run Oxford. As we know Oxford is a city where tweed is part of everyday wear among the posh university types but at least the rest of the population of Oxford will be able to tweed up and cycle in unity, drink tea, eat scones and talk about cricket.

The ride itself is a 45 minute cruise around Oxford and forms part of the 2011 Cycle Oxford Festival.

Its not all about the UK, Helsinki had its own event on March 15. As the picture below shows, winter tweed was very much the fashion of the day.

Penny Farthing Racing

Another event worth mentioning for the diary, though not quite a Tweed Run, is a Penny Farthing Racing event that takes place at Hall Leys Park, Knutsford in Cheshire on September 11. The race is part of the park’s 100 year anniversary. Normally the park has a no cycling policy but this has been waived for one day. The race will feature warm up laps and qualifying times in the morning with a one hour plus one lap penny farthing race in the afternoon over a 700m course.

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