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21/07/2010 // INFO Leave a comment

Unofficial World Record – Bicycle Daisy Chain of 55


We were amazed that so many people thought it a good idea to lock their bike to two other random bikes in our unofficial bicycle daisy chain world record attempt. In fact 55 of London’s finest cyclists plus over a hundred early adopters of GGB joined us with their wheels to celebrate our launch at Look Mum No Hands.

Logistically it could have gone completely pear shaped but (apart from two unfortunate people who wanted to free their bikes but could not find the owner of their link…sorry!) it all worked remarkably smoothly.

Some simply stunning bikes made up the chain. Special mention must go to the dude who brought his gorgeous new Fuji track bike and to some fairly special vintage Raleighs. We will try to get some photos of these on our new Bike Love section in the coming days.

For everyone, including those who did not cycle over, we were able to hand out our cool and very visible new t-shirts. They will be perfect for cycling throughout the rest of the summer as they can be seen for miles!

It was great that so many people were able to join us for the launch and to spend a warm July’s evening with a chilled beer talking about all things bike. Hope to see you again soon…perhaps for some other peculiar stunt?

Other World Records featuring 55

 - Most Ice Broken by hand in 60 seconds 55 blocks (2,970lbs of Ice)

- Tom Buchanan (Australia) lay in a clear perspex box and had 125 Golden Ord Spiders put onto his body for 55 seconds

- Tetris is the most ported video game appearing on 55 different computer game platforms.

- 55 Mexican chefs baked the worlds largest cheesecake. The king-size cheesecake weighed in at 2,133.5 kg (4,703 lb), with a a diameter of 2.5 cm (8 ft 2 in) and a height of 56 cm (1 ft 10 in)


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Thanks for a fun evening guys!
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Thanks for a fun evening GGB!
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